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Doing Business In Avon

Doing Business In Avon

Welcome to Avon’s growing business community. The City of Avon’s Planning and Building departments are here to help you every step of the way. We’ve included everything you’ll need to know about starting a business, relocating to Avon, and expanding your business. Below are links to important information from the State of Ohio and City of Avon forms/applications you will need to print, fill out and return to us:

State of Ohio:

City of Avon

Finance Department

Before a business may begin operations in the City of Avon a Business Registration Form 48 must be completed and returned either to the Regional Income Tax Agency or to the Avon Finance Department. The Finance Department will answer any questions regarding business registration and local income tax issues. They may be reached at 440-937-7806.

Planning Department

The Planning Department of the City of Avon is committed to enhancing the landscape of the City. The department is responsible for processing, reviewing and evaluating all applications for new development, as well as the expansion of existing facilities within the City. The review process ensures the that development proposals adhere to City regulations and meet sound planning principles while enhancing the footprint of today.

The Planning Department is also responsible for long-range and special project planning activities and provides service, guidance and technical assistance in the development of plans and regulations for the future growth of the City.

We will work with you to provide insight and guidance through every step of the process to ensure a seamless transition from concept to development.

  • General / Final Development Plans
  • Residential Subdivisions - Preliminary / Final Plats
  • Lot Splits / Consolidations
  • Special Use Permits
  • Zoning Changes

Zoning Department

Zoning is the regulation of the use, location, height, number and size of land, buildings or structures within a specified zone or area of the community.  Its purpose is to protect property values and preserve the desired character of the community, while providing for orderly growth and uniform development.  Since any zoning is a restriction on the unlimited use of land by the owner, it must be reasonable and/or protect public health and safety.

The Zoning Code regulates the type of activity that may occur within specific geographic areas of the city.  By extension, zoning laws determine the placement of structures on a given site.  While there are subcategories, land uses can be grouped under 3 general categories: residential, commercial and industrial.

Planning and Zoning Code Links

Chapter 1228 – Administrative Procedures for Development Plan Review

Chapter 1230 – Procedures for Special Use Permits

Chapter 1244 – Subdivision Platting Procedures

Chapter 1262 – Single Family (R-1) and Two-Family (R-2) Residential District Regulations

Chapter 1264 – Multi-Family (R-3) Residential District Regulations

Chapter 1270 – Business District Regulations (C-1, C-2, C-3 & C-4)

Chapter 1274 – Office District Regulations (O-1, O-2)

Chapter 1278 – Industrial District Regulations (M-1, M-2)

Chapter 1280 – Special Use Permit Regulations

Building Department

The City of Avon’s Building Department gives assistance and direction in the enforcement of the Ohio Building Code and the City’s regulations. The permit and inspection processes are designed to aid and assist in safe and proper construction. Proper planning and inspections can help assure owners, builders and investors that any work being performed meets the standards of the Ohio Building Code insuring  quality construction.

The Building Department is certified by the Department of Commerce, Board of Building Standards.  The duties of the Building Department staff assist in the permitting process, contractor registration, and inspectors is to enforce the Ohio Building Code regulations, answer questions in regards to the City’s requirement related to construction.  All projects of construction, alterations and relocations of business in commercial, industrial and residential fall under the authority of the Building Department.

Teamwork builds a better, safer City of Avon’s future for all to enjoy, grow and prosper.  

Welcome to the Neighborhood

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